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  • Challenged Lungs
  • Challenged Muscles
  • Challenged Skin & Coat
  • Healthy Skin & Coat
  • Performance Electrolytes
  • Challenged Immunity
  • Energy Boost
  • Performance Horse
  • Healthy Muscles
  • Daily Balancer 3 Month

Horse Supplements

We understand that choosing the right supplement for your horse can be confusing. That’s why we’ve grouped our products in to 11 functional categories to make this choice easier for you. Simply click through our categories below.

  • Joint


    Having a sound horse that is moving well is fundamental to a horse’s health and performance. Whether you are the owner of a retired veteran or a performance horse, the way your horse or pony moves is always something you are constantly aware of. That’s why we have developed four targeted joint supplements to support joint health throughout your horse’s life.
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  • Hoof


    We have all heard of the saying ‘no hoof, no horse’ and as hooves are the very foundation of your horse’s skeleton, there has never been a more truthful saying. For strong, healthy hooves a balanced diet is crucial. However there are times where horses and ponies need a little extra targeted nutrition - such as when their hooves become dry and cracked.
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  • Digestion


    It’s hard to believe but our horse’s digestive systems are surprisingly delicate and can be compromised relatively easily. From loose droppings to more worrying conditions, there are times when every horse could do with a little extra digestive support.
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  • Behaviour


    Owning and riding a horse can bring a lot of enjoyment. However, having a horse that is spooky, fizzy, and excitable or on the flip side lazy and laid back, can be frustrating. If you are looking to achieve a more enjoyable relationship with your horse whether this is to encourage a more energetic response or a calmer positive attitude, T.E.N. supplements have the ideal targeted solution to help.
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  • Immunity


    Your horse’s health and wellbeing may be affected if their immune system is compromised. A compromised immune system could be bought about by exercise, travelling or simply getting older.
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  • Lifestyle


    We all take part in different activities with our horses and ponies and this can affect their nutritional requirement. This is why the team at T.E.N. has designed a supplement to meet the increased demands of the performance horse and ensure they are getting what they need to perform at their best.
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  • Wellbeing


    We’ve all heard the saying “we are what we eat” well that saying is probably true for our horses and ponies too. Good nutrition will show on the outside with a shiny coat, good feet and a bright eye. In order to help keep your horse or pony in the best of health the team at T.E.N. have created a Wellbeing category in order to support your horses' health from the inside.
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  • Electrolytes


    Knowing how to feed electrolytes, how much and which sort can be highly confusing as there are so many different products on the market and as many different opinions. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. T.E.N has designed two easy to use supplements, one for recovery after heavy sweating and one to provide a daily supply of electrolytes.
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  • Muscle


    We all love to see a toned, well-conditioned horse with excellent topline. Although muscle tone and topline has to be developed through exercise, a diet deficient in good quality protein may reduce your chance of achieving this. However, it is not only a deficient diet that can affect muscle health; exercise also creates higher demand for quality protein to support muscle recovery. The T.E.N. supplements in this category have been designed to support general muscle health and topline and provide targeted nutrition to support the challenged muscles of the more active horse.
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  • Respiratory


    A healthy respiratory system is vitally important for the overall well-being of your horse; even minor respiratory challenges or breathing problems can affect your horse’s performance. When at rest, the average horse breathes over 70,000 litres of air per day - and even more during exercise. A stabled horse may also be compromised. With each breath; your horse inhales approximately 12 million particles including dust, mould, allergens and irritants.
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  • Skin & Coat

    Skin & Coat

    A shiny coat and healthy skin cannot be achieved by grooming alone. A horse or pony’s skin is a good indication of inner health and is an important protective barrier. T.E.N. has designed two different products in this category, one to maintain skin and coat health and the other to help support horses with skin conditions such as spring and summer insect irritations.
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